Vibrations of Existence

Every soul has a soul vibration, and that soul vibration is determined not only by one's core spirit, but is affected by our behavior, thoughts, and can be influenced by the environment around us. Every minute of the day, we are vibrating at various levels of existence depending on our internal and external circumstances. While everyone has a default core vibration that external factors aside we return to time and time again, this core can also be shifted by habits we establish, as well as changes in our behavior and our thoughts, which in turn are affected by our environment. A key purpose of life is soul evolution, to raise our vibrations to higher levels so that we attain our state of heavenly bliss, in this world and the next. Peace is what enables our souls to experience joy, the highest vibration of existence. To maintain a spiritual state open to the possibility of joy is to live in enlightened bliss. 

In a world of challenges, light and dark forces, at any given moment we can tune into any range of wavelengths and emotions, from the lowest forms of negative emotions such as violence and aggression, animal-like instincts, to the highest forms of peace, love, joy. Chances are given the responsibilities and burdens of our daily lives, we experience something more in the middle neutral zones on a daily basis. The more we are able to tune into higher vibrations, of peace, love, joy, the more we will create and manifest beauty and miracles in our lives. The more we are able to feel peace, love, and joy in our lives, the higher we raise our core vibration toward a state of bliss. 

The story of For Love of Eden is a reminder of the beauty and magic that exists all around us. While our daily preoccupations with the practicalities of life often keep us from focusing on the beauty potent in life's seen and unseen possibilities, the story serves as a reminder that a life, a world, of peace, love, and joy is there for us, should we choose it.