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For Love of Eden

by A. R. Padme

Padme Press, 2018

What if the key to your destiny lies in a memory over 800 years old …         

For years, Adam Kronos has been mystified by the same dream. In his dream, a man and a woman are standing in the rain, pledging their undying loyalty to each other for all of eternity, in a distant land far away from everything Adam knows. Nevertheless, Adam believes the dream is important and somehow connected to his own life.

In a chance encounter, Adam meets Aurora Ray, and the secrets of what turns out to be an ancient shared memory begin to reveal themselves, leading to the discovery of the mysterious Light of Atlantis, The two embark on a spiritual journey to return the Light to its origin, and in the process, they discover the most important secret of all. 

Written in the mystical lyricism of fairy tales of old, For Love of Eden invites readers into a world that is as magical as it is resonant with the world around us. This story of twin flames will provide a whole new perspective on the spiritual realms and the role of destiny in your everyday life.