A Gift from the Angels

My book, For Love of Eden, is a gift from the Angels, as many miraculous beautiful things in life are. It can and is meant to be interpreted on many different levels. It is my hope that however the book speaks to you that it brings you a message of Love. I hope that it brings you the message that whatever challenges you may face in life, you always have a choice: the choice between love and fear, dark and light, war and peace. 

May the Angels bless you with the gift of discernment, the gift of truth, the gift of light, and the gift of love. For it is through these gifts that the Angels carry the message of Love from our Creator, reminding us of the true nature of our divinity within. The message of Love is the most singular and universal message, uniquely ours in that we each share the message in the way that only we can and are meant to share it with others. 

And so may I invite you to embark on a journey of the spirit, of awakening and exploration, of life purpose and fulfillment.



A. R. PadmeAngels, Book, Love, Miracles