Twin flames: the love of all lifetimes

Twin flames are not only the love of one's life, but the love of all lifetimes. This is of course if you believe that souls reincarnate and experience many lifetimes during its evolution...however if you do not one may still view twin flames as the one true, perfect love- the below can be interpreted in the span of a lifetime just as well as over many.

Legends say that twin flames comprise of one's perfect other half, split at the beginning of a soul spark's existence into two halves. The two halves are destined to come together again after many cycles of spiritual evolution, when we attain that purity of heart, spirit, and mind to reflect our original state. The meeting of twin flames does not necessarily take place in every single lifetime in a soul's existence, but at crucial points of a soul's evolution that will play a part in the ultimate completion of that soul's spiritual journey, and the reunion of the two halves. Part of that journey is to complete our soul's heavenly pre-ordained life purpose agreed upon before birth, and ultimately, the entirety of a soul's evolution to return to that original state of purity, where the two halves meet and can once again be joined in union. This will not happen until late in a soul's spiritual advancement.

Because of the intense soul evolution required to reach such a state of perfect union and love between two souls, the challenges prior to such a union are many. It is assumed that such souls are generally advanced souls, pure in heart and mind and thus spiritually ready to receive such a union. However, not only must one be pure at heart, but one must learn to love in an unconditional way that extends not only to self, to the other half, but also to all sentient beings. Because of the immense achievement of spiritual evolution that is required for two halves to rejoin again in a union in life, such a union unleashes an energy on the spiritual level that brings a wealth of blessings upon the earth.

One is not necessarily destined to meet one's twin flame in every lifetime; indeed, in the story of Adam and Aurora in For Love of Eden, the two souls had been apart for at least 800 years. The best way perhaps to understand and apply the concept of twin flames to one's life is to understand and be aware that this other half does exist, somewhere in the universe. The entry of a twin flame into our lives is a blessing that is beyond our control, for it is part of the universal grand design of the divine, and depends upon not only the evolutionary progress of one soul but of two. So rather than focus on finding one's twin flame as a goal, we are to be aware that the more pure our hearts become-- the more we cultivate unconditional love for self and others-- the more advanced our soul, the more likely that we are destined to meet him/her. And if that is not meant to be in this life, be blessed in knowing that we are each blessed with soulmates that all of us do in encounter in each lifetime. Soulmates are those special souls that come into our lives and play a significant role in our lives, often to help us spiritually evolve. Soulmates and twin flames are part of a soul's journey through its existence. We are simply asked to accept the lessons and the blessings, to see the miracle and the joy in the journey of life before us.