Excerpt from Chapter 1 of "For Love of Eden"

“And that is why I’m committed to education reform. It is absolutely critical, not only for the future of our children but that of our nation.” A voice, clear and self-assured, brought him back from his wandering thoughts. A small crowd clapped softly in approval.

Adam leaned toward an elderly woman in front of him and whispered, “Who is that?”

“That’s Congresswoman Aurora Ray. She’s a real firecracker.”

Adam slowly gravitated toward the crowd, his curiosity piqued.

Someone noted, “Hey look, everyone! It’s Adam Kronos.”

As heads turned, Adam caught a glimpse of a slender, tall, and elegant dark-haired woman standing in its center. She smiled at him, and with a twinkle in her eye, said, “Good evening, Adam Kronos. Won’t you come join us?”

“Forgive me, Congresswoman. I couldn’t help but notice the intriguing discussion.”

“Yes, we were just talking about education reform. It’s a passion of mine.”

Ever debonair, with a bit of mischief in his voice, Adam replied, “As beauty is a passion of mine.  I’m Adam.”

Aurora smiled in silent amusement. Who is this dashing and charming man?  She knew he was a recording artist and had vaguely heard his name before.  She was a little embarrassed to admit she probably did not know as much about him as one knowledgeable in the cultural arts should.  Her work life left little room for exploration of anything outside of it.

Adam bent ever so slightly and subtly toward her hand to give it a kiss. A few whistles in the crowd erupted like fireworks. As his hand touched Aurora’s, an image of two hands touching, just as theirs were at that moment, flashed before her mind’s eye. Only, a light, a spark, radiated from within their two hands in the vision.

Taken aback, Aurora abruptly let go of Adam’s hand. She had seen such a vision before.  In fact, she had memories of such visions as far back as when she was a little girl.  She used to imagine it was a message from the Angels, a beautiful gift from the heavens. That spark—it was a flicker of light on some occasions, a ruby jewel on others…all beckoning her to a time and a place far, far away.

Aware of the crowd still around them, Adam whispered, “Congresswoman, are you alright?”

“The name’s Aurora,” she said, still staring off into the distance. His voice gently brought her back into the present, and her eyes followed to rest upon the man standing in front of her.

Their eyes met. Adam had seen those eyes before… As he mused upon where and when, his mind drifted back to the dream he had had that morning.  Suddenly, it was as if the woman in his dreams and Aurora were one, and he was simultaneously in the dream and in the present moment.  He felt a deep longing for her that reached into infinite depths within his soul, a spark of piercing intensity awakening his entire spirit.

“Aurora. That’s beautiful,” he said. Those eyes…

Just then, an assistant tapped him on the shoulder. “Adam, they need you up front.”

The magical moment faded. Some things about this dream never change, he quipped to himself. He searched for his next words.

“Um, I better get going now,” he mumbled. Reaching into his pockets, he took out a card with his contact information on it, handing it to Aurora. “It was a pleasure, Aurora,” he said.

She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Likewise.”