The Love of All Lifetimes (Excerpt from For Love of Eden)

Drenched from the torrents of pouring rain, he slows the horse to a walk, the long train of her white dress gliding mysteriously above the pools of muddy water across the countryside. Exhausted, they gravitate toward the flowing tresses of a large weeping willow. After hours of riding through the night, he brings the horse to a quiet halt, descends, and turns to help her down. As her feet touch the ground, her eyes, pensive, look out into the rain, her body following. He takes a step toward her, gently places his hand on her elbow, and takes her in his arms.

With the intensity of a love that knows no beginnings, no endings, he looks into her eyes for a moment, a moment to last for the rest of their lives, for all eternity. For they both knew that it could not be; their worlds could never meet.

He whispers, “I will find you again.”

A. R. PadmeBook, For Love of Eden