Eden in my book, For Love of Eden, is an allegorical reference to the state of original bliss. It is the idea of longing for Eden- that we as humans desire to return to our state of original bliss, which in the more earthly confines of this life, we define as the "pursuit of happiness." This state of original bliss is personified in the story as the reunion of twin souls, or twin flames, the love of all lifetimes. Now, it is easy to mistaken the love of twin flames as simply that of romantic passionate love. On the surface, of course, this may indeed appear to be the case. However, the message in the story is that to achieve even the sheer meeting of twin flames, a soul must be highly evolved and advanced, and to be truly reunited with one another, both must learn to practice love in its purest form, a love free of attachment and selfishness, and that is unconditional love-- not only for one another but for all sentient beings. This is the unconditional love as emulated by the Creator, as can be expressed by humanity toward each other. It is the attainment of the understanding of unconditional love for each other and for others that allows twin flames to reunite, and ultimately achieve in this life true happiness and a return to the state of original bliss. Love is the key to which such is achieved. Love is the way. This is the message of For Love of Eden